Successful Ways to Improve eCommerce Sales in the Holiday Season

As all are gleefully enjoying the fall season and welcoming the beautiful snow with a hot cup of coffee, we are also getting closer to the always-exciting holiday shopping season. Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are the perfecta of the most money-making season for in-store and eCommerce retailers.

Though 2020 was quite unpredictable for retailers with supply chain disruptions and navigating changing product demands, everybody has high hopes and expectations for this holiday season. Studies predict that retail sales will reach US$1.093 billion, allowing retailers to deliver an unwavering performance.

Perhaps one of the blessings in disguise of the pandemic is the diminishing fears and hesitations for online shopping as more and more consumers are shopping online. Indeed, eCommerce stores offer accessibility and convenience, and hence consumers are willingly spending online.

Within this business landscape, retail players have to act immediately and set up new sales tactics to meet the changing demands of the consumers. Before the 2021 holiday season kickstarts, there are so many things you can start implementing to ensure increased conversions and more sales.

Leverage the Power of SMS
One of the things of SMS that leave behind other sales tactics is speed. You can leverage that speed to boost your sales by sending limited-time sales and last-minute gift ideas. SMS marketing is flexible, and you can use it effectively to provide in-store sales or even drop a link in the SMS to increase traffic to your website for online-only discounts. With an average open rate of around 80%, OptCulture’s SMS marketing can help you to communicate instantly with your customers. The key to more conversions is increased customer engagement levels, which OptCulture can surely deliver. Plus, you can even save a good amount of money by sending holiday greetings through SMS and not post.

Retarget your Existing Customers
It’s the holiday season, and everyone, including your existing customers, is looking forward to some festive shopping season. With digital receipts giving you an extensive database of each customer, you have all the information you need to retarget your existing customer base precisely.

You can send email newsletters with discounts and offers that influence holiday purchases. With OptCulture’s digital receipts and email marketing solutions, you can manage your data and automate the entire segmentation process and send personalized coupons codes to existing customers. OptCulture email marketing enables your customers to view information about offers at their convenience. Moreover, adding socials in digital receipts and emails is an effective method of increasing the fan base of your social media platforms.

Moreover, emails are pretty handy when it comes to targeting cart abandonment customers. Cart abandonment is quite common during the holiday season as customers are hunting for better deals and offers. But, you can get such customers back by sending them a quick email reminder to complete their purchase. It’s an excellent way to trigger FOMO feelings among customers by offering some discount or a coupon code.

Loyalty Programs
Getting more loyalty points is always beneficial for a customer. And if you create the hype through a campaign of earning more loyalty points, you can ensure your sales go through the roof! You can provide early access to offers for the holiday season through loyalty programs, just as Amazon first extends festive offers for Prime members only. Let’s not forget, the holiday festive sale is the most awaited shopping time as consumers shop for numerous items.

OptCulture loyalty programs are innovative and offer different programs as per your need. You can give the liberty to customers to choose a reward to aid other purchases, which eventually improves the overall holiday shopping experience. You earn more sales, more profits, and long-term customer engagement and brand loyalty. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Start Now!
Perhaps, everything boils down to the ROI. It is crucial to understand how your investment is generating results. If not, then what is to be done to maximize the return on investment. OptCulture offers integrated reporting functionalities that enable brands to quickly and easily understand their ROI. All you need is an app on your mobile phone, and you can access the reports anytime. Last but not least, start planning now! Take one of the tips from above and get ready to ace this holiday season.
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