• Email & SMS Marketing

    Our custom platform allows you the ability to create, design, and launch the message that’s right for your audience. Fully engage your customers with a coordinated cross-channel experience.

  • OptIntel

    Unleash the power of OC’s platform by adding OptIntel, our exclusive POS integration tool. This allows you to leverage your POS data to effectively capture, analyze, launch and track your marketing campaigns.

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  • Customer Loyalty

    Our integrated loyalty solution allows businesses to obtain increased customer spending by giving you program flexibility while passing the benefits to your customers. Contact us at [email protected] to get started on your own customized loyalty program today!

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OptCulture allows you to reach your customers in the palm of their hands.

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OptCulture makes it simple when reaching your opt-in customers via email.

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Our platform allows you to interject social media during the process of campaign creation.

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Digital Receipts

OptCulture’s Point of Sale Integration allows you to leverage data and begin launching behavioral campaigns.

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In The Press

  • New Trigger Release – coming July 29th

    We’re releasing our latest trigger enhancements on July 29th. This will allow retailers to further leverage POS data while providing automatic touchpoints to customers.

  • 2.1.3. has been released

      We are pleased to announce our latest release, v2.1.3!  This version has several updates that further strengthen our solutions and increase the value we provide your clients. Promotional Barcodes on E-mails Promo-codes need not […]

  • Introducing Promo Manager

    It’s undeniable that promotions are proven to capture new audiences, engage customers, and drive additional sales, however retailers often run promotional campaigns with no effective way of tracking the response and determining ROI. Promo Manager […]

  • Release of SMS Mobile v2.1

    We just released the latest version of our SMS (text messaging) solution! Our features to note are: – Data Placeholders – for Today, Tomorrow, 7 days and 30 days. – Insert symbols in email subject […]

  • New additions to v2.0.1.1!

    Brand new features and updates have been added to the newest version of OptCulture and will allow clients to: Resubscribe contacts who have opted out via web form Import Loyalty signups via web form Phone/Zip […]

  • CounterPoint Integration

    OC officially rolled out integration with CounterPoint on June 21, 2012.  This will allow CP users to leverage POS data, giving them greater ability to automate, manage, and track purchasing habits of their customers.  Contact […]

  • New OC Website Launch

    On Thursday, May 3rd OptCulture rolled out their new and improved website.  The new site is launching in phases and will contain much information in regarding the platform, news/events, best practices, video, and many more […]

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The OC Blog

Reactivating your Dormant Customers

All retailers face the challenge of keeping their customer base engaged and making frequent purchases with their stores.  Studies show that Retailers can lose between 20-40% of their customer base yearly.  Though it is impossible […]


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Did You Know…

OC’s digital receipts can drive online traffic in addition to increased social exposure to your business and/or brand.

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Mobile - 60% asked for personalized offers, compared to 18% for time-based, and only 8% for location-based offers

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OC’s custom drag and drop campaign tool gives you the ability to create a behavioral and triggered approach to your customers.

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83% of consumers prefer retailers offering a continuous and consistent shopping experience across the different channels

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OC gives you the opportunity to send a consistent message by leveraging cross-channel marketing from a single platform.

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it is 5x more profitable to conduct current customer marketing as opposed to customer acquisition marketing?

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OC allows you to capture opt-ins at the POS and automatically export this data, along with sales and sku information to the platform.

Did you know …

80% of sales come from 20% of your customers yet it is 5x more profitable to market to your current customers?

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OC’s complete offering gives you the tools for success that no other company can match.