SMS Marketing is Evolving: Trends to Keep an Eye on for 2022

Even with an open rate of as high as 98%, SMS is a highly ignored marketing tool. Many marketers believe that SMS is outdated with the advent of instant messaging and social media platforms, but the truth is SMS marketing is one the most effective digital marketing tools.

In 2022 and beyond, SMS marketing is all set to help businesses communicate with customers. Here are some key trends that we will see in 2022 and beyond.

Two-way SMS for Customer Service
Nowadays, buyers expect quick and efficient customer service. Compared to other customer service forms such as live chat or phone, SMS marketing is fast and pressure-free. For instance, you have to stay on the line during live chat or phone to get your query resolved. With two-way SMS you can reply at your own pace; and don’t have to endure long hold times and countless transfers.

Studies indicate that more than 50% of consumers prefer customer service through texts over phone calls. SMS offers shorter resolution times, which helps boost consumer loyalty and profits. This type of communication is a significant trend every business should embrace in the coming year.

10-Digit Long Codes You’d instantly identify the difference between a promotional SMS and regular SMS as companies send promotional SMS’s using shared shortcodes. However, brands are now shifting away from these shortcodes to standard 10-digital long codes, which will continue growing in 2022.

With 10-digit numbers, brands can plan high-volume SMS campaigns. Additionally, they are cheaper and faster than conventional shortcodes, along with spam protection features. Such a shift can ensure better deliverability and increased customer loyalty.

Increase Website Traffic
Besides using SMS to offer promotions and discounts, you can increase your website traffic, too. Around 70% of the website visits are through smartphones. Having said that, brands can leverage the convenience text messaging offers by adding targeted website links in the content. Users will be sent to the landing page directly, enabling them to choose from their preferred range of products.

Eventually, the more the website visitors, the more the chances of conversions. Text messages can help you get more customers and increase your online sales.

Establishing Long-term Relationships
Customer loyalty and retention are more important than ever. SMS marketing can help brands maintain long-term relationships with existing customers. Brands can ensure retention with the immediacy of the channel, whereas its high open rates can help deliver crucial purchase information – order shipment, estimated date of delivery, and important brand announcements.

In 2022, brands will leverage SMS marketing not just as a sales or marketing channel but also to form strong relationships by providing constant information and support.

Growth of AI-enabled Chatbots
You must have definitely come across chabot use cases on live chats and websites, but brands have started adopting SMS chatbots, too. This is a trend that will become mainstream in the coming year. Chatbots reduce manual work by automating customer support tasks, ensuring that customer queries are instantly addressed.

Customer representatives can focus on other important tasks rather than replying to common customer queries. AI ensures greater personalization that can help brands have meaningful conversations and increase retention.

In 2022, we can expect SMS marketing to be one of the leading marketing channels leveraged by brands to grow business. OptCulture will guide you to invest in the right software and solution which will help you grow your business.
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