New-in: OptCulture Loyalty Programs are Integrated with Heartland POS Systems

80% of your total business revenue comes from 20% of your loyal customers. So, you can’t ignore customer loyalty. Nevertheless, in a free-market economy where thousands of brands compete with each other, it can be challenging to retain customers. What retailers need is an engaging and lucrative loyalty program that drives repeat purchases and makes customers happy any day, anywhere! 


Well, 90% of the companies globally run a loyalty program. Again, how can one make their loyalty program stand out from the rest? One of the ways is by integrating loyalty programs with point-of-sale (POS) systems.


OptCulture Loyalty Program x Heartland POS

Heartland is one of the leading financial technology and POS solution providers globally that helps businesses make money effectively while engaging customers. OptCulture is now the loyalty program partner of Heartland that offers a seamless loyalty program and POS solution on one platform. 


OptCulture loyalty programs are integrated across all Heartland POS systems, empowering retailers to maintain one comprehensive system and centrally manage all applications instead of logging into different systems and spending time on manual workflows.


POS Systems and Loyalty Programs

One might wonder how POS systems can result in more customer retention. OptCulture offers loyalty programs that are pre-integrated with Heartland POS systems to help retailers improve customer experience. Generally speaking, POS systems are beyond payment software and include business data about inventory, sales, transactions, etc. At the same time, loyalty programs have valuable data highlighting loyal customers’ shopping behavior. So when integrated into one unified system, it provides deeper insights about customers–most frequently purchased products of loyal customers- helping retailers avoid stock-outs and manage inventory better.

Integrating OptCulture with Heartland POS systems ensures an updated customer profile with loyalty points and rewards. This saves the time and effort that representatives usually spend by switching to the OptCulture platform, checking customers’ points, and then applying the discount in the POS system.

Faster Redemption of Rewards

Customers have to mention their customer ID–nowadays, a customer profile is a customer’s phone number. The POS-loyalty integrated system instantly adds purchases and points gained to the customer’s account. Customers can check their points and redeem them directly through the POS during checkout. They don’t even have to open loyalty program apps to check their rewards or share the coupon code with POS executives, making redemption faster and easier.

When you integrate the Heartland POS system with OptCulture’s loyalty program, retailers can offer instant rewards and discounts during the  checkout without juggling multiple systems and speeding up the checkout process.

In fact, studies state that 84% of customers prefer instant redemption of loyalty points as it significantly improves the shopping experience.

OptCulture loyalty programs ensure data security for such integration. For example, when redeeming points at the checkout, customers will be sent an OTP to verify the redemption, eliminating misuse and authenticating the transaction.

Ensure an Omnichannel Experience

Moreover, POS systems like Heartland offer discount coupons that customers can redeem for in-store purchases. OptCulture provides discounts that customers can redeem in-store and online, increasing the omnichannel presence of the retailer brand.

The convenience of earning points and using them anywhere provides a seamless experience to customers, fostering trust within customers for the brand. Plus, they will recommend this experience, meaning more word-of-mouth recommendations and more brand awareness.

Such integrations also help retailers to plan their marketing campaigns effectively. For example, through the OptCulture’s integration with Heartland POS systems, retailers can learn the average amount a loyal customer spends, how frequently, and how often they redeem discounts. They can plan targeted marketing campaigns accordingly–maybe recommending complimentary items of similar price range and increasing basket size.

Moreover, OptCulture customizes loyalty programs that best suit your needs. You can decide different reward tiers and points, choosing how and when customers can redeem those discounts as well as personalized promotional campaigns. This way, our platform or loyalty program is more than just a system that offers discounts.

Such integration promotes loyalty offers and indirectly enhances your marketing endeavors, ensuring repeat visitors and repeat business. A win-win for customers and brands.

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