5 Proven Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Strategy

With 4 billion email users worldwide, you can grow your business multifold with email marketing, offering the highest ROI of around 122% over any marketing channel. Hence, email marketing is a powerful tool to strengthen customer relationships.

Furthermore, email marketing is rapidly evolving. To get results, you need an email marketing strategy. With 293 billion emails being sent every day, how do you make your brand stand out and boost higher open and click-through rates? Here are some tips to help you get started with an effective email marketing strategy.

Segment your Subscriber List
One of the key priorities of email marketers is segmenting subscribers. When you segment your email list, you can target them better. You can choose on what basis you wish to segment the email list, but most marketers do that based on buyer personas. Segmentation ensures that you’re sending relevant content to different groups and not turning leads off, helping you increase your revenue by around 760%.

However, don’t forget to set goals for each segment, as these metrics can help you improve email campaigns, ensuring your efforts are as effective as possible.

Don’t Forget to Personalize
We’ve said this earlier, and we’ll repeat it – personalization is an essential element of all your marketing endeavours, and it is a result-generating tactic that can help retain customers. Personalized emails have 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates, delivering 6x higher transaction rates.

Because of personalized emails, Amazon generates 35% of product sales from recommendations. Today, personalization is beyond writing customers’ names in the email and is more about effectively using customer data and giving them the right value at the right time.

Emails should be Mobile-friendly
One of the essential tasks you do when you wake up in the morning is checking your emails. Thanks to smartphones, you no longer have to open your laptop, log in and check your emails. Just tap on your phone, and you have access to all your emails. Perhaps, 66% of emails are viewed on a mobile phone or tablet.

If you neglect to optimize mobile-friendly emails, you’re missing out on the chance of interacting with the largest audience and gaining a massive number of clicks.

Make your Emails Interesting but Crisp
To urge users to open your emails, you have to ensure that your emails are interesting and not the monotonous ones that bore them. This is because 47% of users open emails by simply reading the subject line. Hence, you have to make sure your emails are interesting and relevant to the users. Write compelling subject lines, add emotional appeal to your email content, use short paragraphs, add interesting pictures and user-generated content. Also, don’t hide around the bushes; make your emails crisp and to the point with powerful call-to-action buttons.

Embrace Email Automation
Email automation augments the purpose of email campaigns, making them more effective. Email automation sends out trigger-based emails, leveraging user behavior data. Not only do they save a lot of time, but they also increase revenue. Studies show such emails increase 4x more revenue and 18x more profits. If you’re still thinking of adopting one, you’re missing out on massive revenue.

OptCulture email marketing schedules automated campaigns to ensure constant engagement with users. It is easy to integrate, offers precision, and improves customer experience.

Summing Up
A well-planned email marketing strategy can deliver exceptional results-higher sales and customer retention. Indeed, you have to try and test what works best for your customers and keep changing the strategy until it provides the best results. Start applying these tactics and get started with email marketing!
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