The Importance of Personalized Emails

If you receive an email greeting you with “Hello sir/madam,” you’ll probably send it to the trash. Moreover, you don’t have the time to read through hundreds of emails you get each day. We’ve discussed earlier that email marketing is a must-have of the overall marketing strategy, but how can marketers ensure that customers read their emails? And not just read, but also buy your product.

In today’s competitive business landscape, you have to deliver contextual customer experiences. Email marketing is no longer one size fits all. And that’s when personalization takes center stage.

Personalization is about Enhancing Customer Experience

Personalization is not just adding first name or location dynamically; it’s about providing tailored customer experiences that keep your users engaged. Customers expect brands to listen to them, pay attention to their needs, understand and value them. With email personalization, you segment your email list and send tailored messages, which can increase the impact of your emails.

Personalization can help you drive high open and click-through rates.
Studies show that emails with a customer’s first name increase open rates by 5.2%. And if you add more targeted content, around 80% of customers are likely to purchase from you again.

Personalized emails establish a connect.
The truth is, users won’t read anything if they don’t feel connected to your emails. Today’s customers want more; they read emails that offer them something and then look at the brand name.

Having said that, brands have to deliver relevant and convenient experiences. Moreover, customers are inclining towards the brands that value them during each phase of their buying journey. Eventually, personalization is the key to a strong and loyal customer base. OptCulture’s email marketing solution can help you to engage customers more in less time.

Personalization helps develop trust.
When you build a bond with your customers, they will trust your brand. When you give them exactly what they want, they are happy and satisfied; and that’s what will keep them coming to you.

Leveraging the power of data, you can know their needs and pain points and promptly address their issues. When you solve customers’ problems instead of bombarding them with promotional messages to get them to buy your products, you already have the edge over others and strengthen your relationships with customers.

Personalization shows you’re taking that one more step to make your customers feel heard and valued. Yes, your customers are happy to see the effort you’re making to meet their expectations. You’re going beyond a mere simple email blast, which many customers are annoyed with. Nonetheless, when you add the charisma of personalization, it ascertains that your principles involve more than just selling.

It ensures reliable customer service.
To deliver personalization, you’re using customer data. With this data, you come to know about their preferences, needs, and interests. Having such valuable information can help you deliver fast and reliable customer service and offer an invaluable experience.

Personalized communication helps increase conversions and build long-lasting relationships with your customers. However, it would be best to have a well-featured solution provider and re-engage with customers to get started. OptCulture’s personalized email solutions can provide customer-centric campaigns and increase brand loyalty.
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