Mobile Apps Help Retailers Unlock Opportunities

mobile apps
mobile apps
We would like to ask this question: What do you do with your smartphone? Possibly everything, right? From ordering food to booking flight tickets, you have everything at your fingertips. Over the last few years, mobile phones have become ubiquitous! Consumer habits towards mobile phone usage have changed, demanding a more seamless experience.

According to recent data, consumers spend around 4.8 hours daily on smartphones. Thanks to mobile apps, life has become more simple and convenient. Google Play has over 3 million apps, and the Apple Store boasts over 2 million apps worldwide. Indeed, this unlocks immense opportunities for business owners to serve customers where they are.

Perhaps, many retailers believe that they don’t need a mobile app to do business or engage with customers. While we are not underestimating the value of a web presence, mobile apps offer 3 times higher conversions than just a mobile-friendly website.

Ensure a Strong Brand Presence
Undoubtedly, mobile apps make communication with customers easy. Moreover, attracting prospective customers through app downloads is one of the most common and valuable ways. For example, you can target customers on social media through a voucher; to redeem it, the customer will have to download the app.

Once the customer is on the app, they are bound to make purchases through the app–let’s face it because it is convenient and super-fast. Regular interaction with customers fosters a sense of belonging and boosts trust. However, develop a frictionless app, or you may witness customers delete the app.

Better Loyalty Programme Experience
One of the most significant advantages of retailer mobile apps is the ability to access and manage your loyalty points and rewards conveniently. No more digging through your wallet to find that crumpled loyalty card. With a mobile app, your loyalty points are always at your fingertips.

Simply open the app, log in to your account, and voila! Customers can see your accumulated points, track progress toward rewards, and even receive personalized offers based on their shopping history. It’s like having a virtual rewards card that never gets lost or forgotten. Giving so much ease to customers helps boost retention and sales for retailers. Starbucks’ loyalty program runs through its mobile app, accounting for 21% of its revenue. Users using the mobile app to place their order receive more rewards and a better in-store experience–fewer wait times or free products.

Seamless Purchases
Imagine this scenario: You’re browsing through your favorite brand’s website, eyeing that perfect pair of shoes. But wait, you’re on the go and don’t have time to complete the purchase right now. Fear not, because, with a retailer mobile app, you can add those shoes to your cart and complete the purchase later, whenever and wherever it’s convenient.

Mobile apps allow you to make purchases with just a few taps, saving your payment information securely for future use. No more entering card details every time you shop. Additionally, some apps even offer the option to pre-order items before they hit the shelves, ensuring you never miss out on the latest releases. Sending such products or offer notifications makes customers feel you value them and boosts trust and loyalty.

Personalized Shopping Experience
Retailer mobile apps have the power to tailor the shopping experience to customer preferences and needs. They gather data on past purchases, browsing history, and even location to provide personalized recommendations and offers. It’s like having a virtual shopping assistant who knows exactly what customers love.

By analyzing customer behavior and their preferences, the app can suggest relevant products, notify customers about exclusive promotions,and even provide location-based deals when you’re near a store. It’s all about making each customer feel like a VIP and ensuring every shopping trip is a delightful and tailored experience. Through push notifications and targeted messaging, apps can basically talk to customers and give them what they want!

More Profits
Mobile apps are also one of the best mediums to market your product or service. Retailers can trigger more interest in their products through push notifications, send offers and discounts, reduce cart abandonments instantly, etc. Many will purchase when they get the products in the cart at a discounted rate! All these can keep customers hooked and increase sales.

42% of purchases on Black Friday were made through mobile apps in 2021. This implies mobile apps stir more purchases. On the other hand, mobile app building and management are affordable, keeping operational costs low. However, don’t compromise on the user experience. OptCulture can help you build a mobile app that offers users a seamless experience and optimize mobile marketing communication and campaigns. More sales and fewer costs equal more profits.

Choose the Right Tech Partner
Retailers can get more engagement if they have an omnichannel presence. However, they can find managing websites, mobile apps, and in-store interactions simultaneously cumbersome. With the right tech partner, they can keep all worries at bay and ensure conversions.

OptCulture simplifies omnichannel purchases with cutting-edge features, providing uninterrupted cross-channel experiences and ensuring a new level of convenience. From design and development to targeted messaging and marketing metrics, OptCulture ensures an effective and reliable mobile app experience for retailers. Embark on a retail adventure where every tap or swipe leads you closer to customers.
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