SMS Marketing

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With the expanding use of mobile phones, you can reach your customers quickly and effectively with OptCulture SMS, all while tracking the response it generates in your store.

All of the functionality of OC Email, except targeting a richer medium

Utilize the same segmentation, automated triggers, and tracking features available with our Email solution, except with the power of reaching the customers on their mobile phones, a device that they frequently check and
use when shopping.

Capture additional opt-ins

Put you SMS short code and keyword anywhere (emails, print ads, commercials) and capture addition opt-ins to your email & SMS programs. When the customer texts in to the number, you can automatically engage the customer with an offer, immediately driving them to your store.

Track the success of your traditional advertising

Adding an SMS call-to-action to a print ad, TV commercial, or billboard gives you a unique way to track the response to these ads. Our system keeps track of the number of SMS responses generated from these ads, giving you statistics on the reach of your traditional ads. In addition, and SMS promo codes redeemed in-store are tracked, instantly giving you reports on
revenue generated and number of promotional codes redeemed.

Instantly engage your customer and create urgency

Whether you set up a response for when the customer opts in via SMS or
are sending out a broadcast about the week’s sale. SMS is the best way to reach your customer. Open and response rates to SMS are much higher than email because most people read text messages within 4 minutes of receiving the text. Since customers open SMS much quicker, you can create a sense of urgency by running these promotions for shorter time spans, driving them to visit your store today, rather than coming in later or never coming in at all.



Did You Know…

OC’s digital receipts can drive online traffic in addition to increased social exposure to your business and/or brand.

Did You Know…

Mobile - 60% asked for personalized offers, compared to 18% for time-based, and only 8% for location-based offers

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OC’s custom drag and drop campaign tool gives you the ability to create a behavioral and triggered approach to your customers.

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83% of consumers prefer retailers offering a continuous and consistent shopping experience across the different channels

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OC gives you the opportunity to send a consistent message by leveraging cross-channel marketing from a single platform.

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it is 5x more profitable to conduct current customer marketing as opposed to customer acquisition marketing?

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OC allows you to capture opt-ins at the POS and automatically export this data, along with sales and sku information to the platform.

Did you know …

80% of sales come from 20% of your customers yet it is 5x more profitable to market to your current customers?

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OC’s complete offering gives you the tools for success that no other company can match.