Integrating Employee Discounts in Retail Pro for Jewelry Retailers

Integrating Employee Discounts in Retail Pro for Jewelry Retailers

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up and integrate employee discounts in Retail Pro specifically for jewelry retailers. Learn how to maximize employee benefits and streamline the discount process for your retail business.


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Maximizing Employee Discounts in Retail Pro for Jewellery Purchases

     Steps to Integration​

Set up employee profiles in Retail Pro
- Log in to Retail Pro and navigate to the employee management section.
- Create profiles for each employee who will be eligible for the employee discount.
- Assign unique login credentials and permissions to each employee profile.

Define employee discount rules
- Determine the discount percentage or amount that eligible employees will receive on jewellery purchases.
- Set any restrictions or limitations on the employee discount, such as maximum purchase amounts or specific product exclusions.

Apply employee discounts at the point of sale
- When an eligible employee makes a jewellery purchase, have them log in to their Retail Pro account.
- At the point of sale, the employee discount will automatically be applied to their purchase based on the rules you defined in step 2.
- Ensure that employees are aware of how to access and apply their discount during the checkout process.

Monitor and track employee discount usage
- Regularly review reports in Retail Pro to track employee discount usage and ensure compliance with your defined rules.
- Address any discrepancies or issues with employee discounts promptly to maintain accuracy and integrity in the system.
- Consider implementing periodic audits or reviews of employee discount usage to prevent misuse or fraud.

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