Integrating E-receipts in Shopify for Fashion Industry

Integrating E-receipts in Shopify for Fashion Industry

This project involves implementing a system to integrate electronic receipts (E-receipts) into Shopify for businesses in the fashion industry. The goal is to streamline the checkout process and provide customers with a more convenient and eco-friendly way to receive their purchase confirmations.


Benefits of OptCulture's E-Receipt Program

OptCulture is the ideal choice for an E-receipt program because of its user-friendly interface and customizable features. With OptCulture, businesses can easily create and send electronic receipts to customers, saving time and resources. The platform also allows for personalized branding and messaging, enhancing the customer experience and building brand loyalty. Additionally, OptCulture offers detailed analytics and reporting tools, giving businesses valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. Furthermore, OptCulture's E-receipt program is secure and compliant with data protection regulations, ensuring that customer information is kept safe and confidential. With OptCulture, businesses can streamline their receipt process and improve customer satisfaction, making it the top choice for an E-receipt program.

Maximize Customer Experience with Customized E-receipts in Shopify Store

     Steps to Integration​

Enable E-receipt feature in Shopify
- Log in to your Shopify account and navigate to the Settings section.
- Click on the Checkout tab and scroll down to the Order processing section.
- Check the box next to "Enable E-receipts" to activate the feature.

Customize E-receipt template
- Go to the Notifications section under Settings and click on the Order confirmation email template.
- Customize the template to include your fashion brand's logo, colors, and any other relevant information.
- Make sure to include a message thanking the customer for their purchase and providing any necessary contact information.

Test the E-receipt feature
- Place a test order on your Shopify store to ensure that the E-receipt is being sent out correctly.
- Verify that the E-receipt contains all the necessary information, such as order details, shipping information, and payment confirmation.
- Make any necessary adjustments to the template or settings if needed.

Promote E-receipt option to customers
- Update your website and social media channels to inform customers about the new E-receipt feature.
- Highlight the benefits of E-receipts, such as reducing paper waste and providing a convenient way for customers to access their order information.
- Encourage customers to opt-in to receive E-receipts during the checkout process to further promote sustainability and streamline their shopping experience.

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OptCulture has extensive experience with Shopify integration services, ensuring a smooth and reliable integration process with quick and tailored onboarding.


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Our platform’s wide range of integrations and robust capabilities provide deep customer understanding under one dashboard to make faster decisions and achieve an edge.

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We follow industry best practices for security and data protection, and our dedicated support team is available to assist you every step of the way to unlock growth opportunities.

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