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OptCulture is devoted to offering an ever-expanding Resource Center to assist businesses like to be be successful. Feel free to read up on the latest trends, subscribe to our blog, or check out the latest tools exclusive to OptCulture.

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Did You Know…

OC’s digital receipts can drive online traffic in addition to increased social exposure to your business and/or brand.

Did You Know…

Mobile - 60% asked for personalized offers, compared to 18% for time-based, and only 8% for location-based offers

Did You Know…

OC’s custom drag and drop campaign tool gives you the ability to create a behavioral and triggered approach to your customers.

Did You Know…

83% of consumers prefer retailers offering a continuous and consistent shopping experience across the different channels

Did You Know…

OC gives you the opportunity to send a consistent message by leveraging cross-channel marketing from a single platform.

Did You Know…

it is 5x more profitable to conduct current customer marketing as opposed to customer acquisition marketing?

Did You Know…

OC allows you to capture opt-ins at the POS and automatically export this data, along with sales and sku information to the platform.

Did you know …

80% of sales come from 20% of your customers yet it is 5x more profitable to market to your current customers?

Did You Know…

OC’s complete offering gives you the tools for success that no other company can match.