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Introducing Promo Manager

It’s undeniable that promotions are proven to capture new audiences, engage customers, and drive additional sales, however retailers often run promotional campaigns with no effective way of tracking the response and determining ROI. Promo Manager is a new plug-in from OptCulture that allows marketers the means to create, manage and track any promotional campaign down to the penny, providing retailers with useful metrics to accurately track marketing ROI.

Promo Manager plugs into Retail Pro and allows users to create a promotion, include validity dates, discount type (dollar or percentage), and minimum or maximum quantities for redemption. When a customer presents the promotion code at the POS, the retailer simply enters the code and OC validates and applies the promotion.

Promo generator will collect, analyze, and present real-time results in a way that’s easy to understand.

The result is a true, measureable response for marketing campaigns of any type, including email, traditional ads, mobile messages, or any other advertising medium imaginable.

Combine your advertising with promotions to secure future sales and watch your business grow.


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