Personalization on Mobile Apps are Key to Engage Customers

Personalization is the key to boosting customer experience. Today’s consumers know what, how, and when they want their preferred products and services. Perhaps, it is pretty challenging for marketers and business owners to meet their expectations.

Whether you’re selling online or through a retail outlet, customers demand a great experience. In retail, omnichannel selling is becoming quite ubiquitous. And with this, mobile apps are a crucial channel for retailers to interact and engage with customers.

In the earlier blog, we discussed the importance of mobile apps for retailers (interlinking). Smartphones have changed how customers interact with brands as they majorly spend their time on mobile. Again, using a one-size-fits-all approach won’t help you attract customers. You need to offer personalized mobile app experiences to customers and live up to their expectations.

Why Mobile App Personalization?
Today, there are more than 9 million apps globally. The number indicates how mobile apps have become a crucial element of our daily lives. Yet again, the mobile app marketplace is crowded, and retailers have to think of innovative ways to stand out; app personalization can help.

You must be wondering how personalization can help? 66% of mobile apps are uninstalled after the first interaction. Consumers are bored of stereotypical interactions with apps. Apps across different businesses witness an average churn of around 71% within three months from downloading the app. It is losing more than 50% of your customer base. That’s pretty huge!

The core reason for this disturbing number is that customers don’t feel captivated by the applications and can’t track down adequate motivation to keep using them. Commitment and engagement are absent from the application’s end, and thus attention is missing from the customers’ end.

Humans are such that they want to feel special and expect unique experiences each time they shop with you. People love personalization because it makes them feel heard, valued and believe that brands will meet their needs. They don’t want content, notifications, or even offers out of their interest. Hence, they want to get rid of and declutter their phone space with irrelevant apps.

Increased Customer Retention
Further, personalized apps increase engagement by 56% and retention rate by 40%. Higher the engagement, better the customer experience and hence higher retention rate. Customer retention is a significant metric in digital marketing. If your active app users are fewer, reviews and app performance are pointless. Even if you offer exceptional features, if the app doesn’t serve your customers’ needs, there’s no point in creating a mobile app as it will lose its identity in the never ending ocean of mobile apps.

You should always ask, “Why would a user use my app when thousands of options are available?” What different are you offering? With mobile app personalization, you’re offering the right information to the right consumer at the right time. Personalization helps you give customers more reasons to keep using your app instead of abandoning it. This is where OptCulture’s mobile app ensures relevant offers, recommendations, and notifications will increase customer retention.

Moreover, to help you breathe a sigh of relief, only 28% of the apps are personalized. You can still level up your game, have the edge over your competitors, and increase app retention.

Adopting a proper strategy can help you introduce personalization as you can’t skip it. The sooner you embrace mobile apps personalization, the faster your customer loyalty will grow. By offering something that will, in a flash, entice customers and provide recommendations they’ve been searching for, personalized mobile applications end up being successful and fulfil user intent.

This blog was originally written by Priya Dialani for OptCulture.
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